Lovely in Lavender







Well hello sweater. I thought I would put some sweaters on the blog, since we are in September and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are already probably taking up your feed (is it too soon?).

Anywho, here we go again with a jean skirt. I feel like I have been pairing this non-stop. Normally when it comes to skirts I am more than lost. it seems they bunch up, or can't stay put. You're constantly tugging and pawing at them through the day, and who has time for that? The day is already exhausting, your clothes shouldn't be. So in comes this cutie I have been storing away for quite some time. I like the idea of a denim skirt (I mean, who doesn't) because it really is a great fabric for fall and summer. It transitions easily, and the A-line silhouette means it's flattering. So maybe I've had one two many pumpkin scones, this little number isn't keeping any tabs.

It's all about finding a skirt that works with your curves and pairing it with something a little more forgiving up top. I love a balanced look that plays with proportions. While the sweater isn't by any means "loose" it shows that I can pair a thicker textured fabric with my skirt, making it the best for those transitional days. Maybe adding an oversized turtleneck with some colorful tights and converse could also be what the doctor ordered. Maybe I'm not so terrible at pairing skirts after all.

Tagged along with a colorful sweater, it gets me excited for fall and ready to unwind and rest. Also, color is something I want to take with me as we get closer to the shorter days and colder months. Why leave lavenders and yellows to summer and spring?

I want them all the time, and why not?