Polka-Dot Top


Well hello polka dots, and hello mesh...see-through...transparent...(?) blouse.

I love a nice sheer moment. I think they play tricks with the eyes and make people stop and take a second glance, and I'm all about the second glance. I also have always loved a see through blouse, but have never really dwelled on the subject of purchasing one, and then figuring out how to wear it, and also the feeling of insecurities that come with a top that people can LITERALLY SEE THROUGH.

Like, I had an issue with a white dress and now here I am waxing poetic on loving a top that has no lining and shares all my secrets, who am I? A woman who is panicking for what to wear and style next because hell-o, fall is here. Or almost here? Who can tell. With days that are still more than a little toasty, yet mornings and evenings that leave a film of dew on my car and beg for a sweater, it's that in between. It's that step before fall, just after summer.

It is now transparent, we are in layering season!

Oh, how I love the sartorial look of a great outfit layered, but so rarely do I enjoy the idea of piling on clothes just to shed them through out the day. Am I snake? That's a more loaded question than I realize (so lets' not answer it) and let's stick to see through tops and an open door policy...

Shall we?