Thin Sweaters


Here we go with another sweater! This one is actually a vintage piece I found on a little site called Nanin.

I can NOT believe I am sharing it with you, but you do come here for secrets hidden all over the globe, no? This little site has amazing vintage, like unbelievable. I have ordered a few vintage pieces from their site, and while they mysteriously do not come with any tags, they are perfect pieces nonetheless. There is hardly any wear or tear on the items, and they run fairly average. That's not to say they run too small or too large, they literally run average. Like on their site it's not uncommon to find a pice that is sized S-L yet fits perfectly. It's like magic. I mean, I still do wish that they had the dimensions on the item, but that can all be cleared up with a quick email.

Only down side is that these pieces go fast. It's like one moment your sipping you tea at 7 am thinking, "I'll come back to this," literally come to find at 11 am all your precious pieces are snatched up. No joke. Ahh the thrill of the chase. Anywho, this outfit is pretty simple, and paired with a light vintage sweater that is versatile in so many more ways than just one, it has me easing into fall with my favorite summer staples.

Also, the plus side of a thin sweater is that it can be thrown on over anything. So say there's one last beach hurrah in your future, throw it over anything and it keeps you cool amongst the last few seas breezes that soon turn into the crisp fall breezes to come.

Who knew a sweater could be so poetic?