Burst of Yellow


Is there anything that brings you as much happiness and joy as this blouse? Maybe, maybe not, but I will say there is nothing that make ME happier.

This is a beautiful little seersucker number that I scooped up last minute in Australia. While I was there, their summer was coming to a close, which means discount on summer items. However, travelling back to the states, summer was just starting, so this is was a steal that could not be missed. I also love seersucker anything, and I know I’ve talked on and on about linen and the like, but seersucker is that fabric I always forget about, but fall immediately in love with upon meeting. It’s probably because seersucker are in shops like Vineyard and Vines, and while I love a preppy looks, it’s just too much. Prepsters don’t have the market cornered on Seersucker. Fashion gods hear my plea and bring it to the masses!

It’s breezy, light, easy, all the things, and in a hue as bright and jovial as yellow, it makes  it all the more sweeter. Also, hello to this denim skirt. I know denim miniskirts have come and gone, but there’s nothing more comfortable than a worn in denim number with a breezy blouse. This outfit is proof that that recipe never fails. Also, how fun is this basket bag. We all know how I love my basket bags, and this one is big enough to carry a book and hold my phone all in one. Another win.

This outfit is checking all the boxes, in the most unexpected ways.