Cherry Bomb


There is nothing particularly shocking about this dress, other than the fact that is was taken at Palm Springs, in 120 degree heat, next to flamingos.

Which, speaking of flamingos, they look rather pale and not pink at all, like you would expect. I mean, they are pink, but a vibrant pink they are not. Still, how fun it was to see Flamingos in the “wild” (like, not at the zoo) was a special treat I was not expecting. Also, this dress was a treat I wasn’t expecting. I scooped it up for 20 buck on a flash sale on sale at Free People. Their app is just as good as it is bad. I mean, notifications on flash sales: good. Notifications on new collections: bad.

One rather annoying thing about this dress, and we all know I’ve waxed poetic about the perils of white dresses before, is that it was terribly see through. Like, the Worst! Not even a  nude undie could cut it. So I had to go to my local atelier and get that corrected. I mean, it’s just a bust to wait a week in anticipation for the cutest summer dress, only to wait another week while a slip is sewn into it. Ahhh c’est la vie.

Well, at least this little frock came just in time to prance around in and soak the last few rays of summer (say it isn’t so). But let’s be real, summer will last until December, and I’ll be crying for sweaters. Does the cycle ever truly end?