Viva La Linen


Does this look count as office apropos?

I must say, I feel very serious in this look, if only for the fact that the whites match and it’s a semi-serious pencil skirt if you turn the other way and avoid the slit creeping up mid-thigh. The buttons make up for it, right?

Once again, this is me avoiding fall, and maybe embracing the heat (this is an all linen look after all) with this very summer ensemble. Also, how perfect does this bag match. It gives me all the vintage feels, and maybe something I should be wearing in Greece. Greece… my head is always spinning back to Greece. I have talked myself in and out at least three time this week to moving to Europe so I can be a vagabond and just travel the rest of my days. If I lived in Europe, I’d probably own a shack on the beach side of Santorini, that I would have built myself, all for the love of island living. So random! But this outfit took me there.

I mean, at least I’d be taken seriously if I was wearing this outfit, right? Regardless, viva la linen pieces, until this weather notifies me otherwise, summer is here to stay for a while.