Here we go again with the athleisure, but I won;t bore you about it like I did in this post. This is just another way you can pair something simple with something unexpected.

The billowy white top makes it very business in the front,p arty in the back, but hopefully this look is not as hideous as mullets were. Sorrrryy. Any who I feel very “Girl in the City” with this. Like, where’s my beeper? I also, love the woven bag and how i am trying desperately to hold onto it into the fall and winter season, but I just don’t think it’s gonna jive.

I mean, this made me really sit up and think. I had to take a good hard look at myself and my handbags. i have a lot of handbags. Like A. Lot. So color me surprised when I go to pull something for fall and winter and find…only wicker pursers… how did that happen? Where is the handbag of fall?

This made me realize, I am on a mission. I will find the handbag of fall and winter to carry me into these gloomy months, while hopefully my handbag can bring a smile to my face. So strange the tings I think about, but that just means a handbag edit will be coming your way. Which is fun because then we can shop my stream if consciousness together.

And who doesn’t love a little retail therapy?