Outside Your Comfort Zone


Well hello biking shorts, didn’t think I’d see you around here. I honestly did not like this trend at all…What was it that we said about consumerism again? But honestly, no thank you ma’am. I am not an “athleisure ” person. That’s not even an actual word! That’s just a juxtaposed pairing of two different genres, paired together to make “lazy” a trend that’s passable.

You are lazy, and you are wearing sweats, and no you didn’t go to yoga, so don’t pawn it off as something that is socially acceptable.

Woo. Heated.

With that being said, don’t think that I missed Gweneth Paltrow’s Goopy take on the trend.

That aside, this came to be as all outfits come to be: stalking someone’s Instagram.

Lately, I have been inspired by an Influencer LornaLuxe, it has taken some time for me to mention her here on the blog, but I have been quietly obsessed with her and her take on all things fashion (natch), so this look is inspired by her. I enjoyed how she took something that in my head was reserved for a particular look, and turned it on its head. While the bottoms say cycling, the top says brunch, so in my head it’s the perfect unexpected pairing that’s fun and feminine in a way I didn’t think about.

That’s what I love about the bloggershpere. You can look at something online, see how the retailer paired, and book mark it in your head as “Oh well I guess there’s only on way to wear that,” never to really think about it again. When in reality there are so many ways to pair it. Just look at any fashion blogger’s page and instant inspiration awaits you on trends that may have been overlooked.

Along with that, these were $8! Such a steal, and that was how I reasoned with myself to try something different. It’s always good to step outside of your comfort zone, especially with your clothing. Your clothing is probably your security blanket, so to switch that up switches up your perspective in a subtle way. It’s like changing your hair, but not as permanent.

And all for eight bucks? Who can say no to a little change?