Low Rise


Let’s talk Low Rise. Now, I personally have never really LOVED anything low rise. I mean, who wants the added hassle of worrying about how low your pants are dipping when you could have so much more fun downing that extra cocktail or dissecting your friend’s boyfriend’s last text without wondering “is something not quite right with my pants?”

While these pants in no way started out as low rise , they have soon become such since denim is prone to maybe stretching out a bit? Or maybe that’s exclusive to just these pants? I have truly never noticed before I put these on one day and thought: “These are low ridin’.” So I thought to myself, why not do what I do best: Tuck it in!

Whenever in doubt two rules I live by are to tuck it in or roll it up. Whether it’s a shirt that is too small or pants that don’t quite hit the ankle comfortably. Whether it’s a skirt that needs some shape with the added benefit of a tucked in blouse, or you just want to feel a bit more put together, rolling up and tucking in are the two things I do that make a WORLD of difference.

So for this look, I loved it because, let’s be honest, my favorite thing to talk about are button-down blouses since they leave you feeling fresh and polished. It can also be styled in a bit of a more deconstructed ensemble * ahem * low rise denim, without sacrificing it’s function. Also, with the breezy days of fall blowing into town, something that breathes a little, but still keeps you slightly cozy amidst a chill in the air is more than a welcome addition to my fall closet.

And if it makes you look somewhat put together? Even better.