Mini Skirts


Well hello leather mini skirt. It’s apparent that I am having a love affair with my mini skirts lately, and here you are, along for the ride.

What I’ve noticed about mini skirts, in particular leather, is that it can add a fun sort of texture and is easily paired with practically anything while the temperatures slowly decrease into something Arctic.

Wanna pair it with a sweater? Go ahead, your legs are free.

Wanna pair it with some tights? Why not! Throw on a cami with a cardi and you’re out the door.

Wanna transition it? Easy-peasy. Elevate it with some heels, or dress it down with some sneakers.

The possibilities are endless!

I also particularly love this flowy button down situation. I mean, we all know how I love a button down, so this makes this outfit fun and functional. It’s a great look to grab a green juice in the morning with, just as well as tackling cocktails at night. Add some jewels and maybe a stiletto, and you’re good to go!

Also, let’s talk about this top for a minute. It’s everything in my humble opinion. It’s white, it’s blue, it’s over-sized, it was on sale, but best of all, it’s an Extra Small! Does it look like an extra small? Hell no. But you better believe I was uber excited to pretend it was. And you better believe I was having too much fun pretending that I was actually a dainty human being that could fit into whisper thin sizes. Alas, it was probably just marked it wrong in the factory, but all to the benefit of me!

So that goes to show, there’s more to be had than just a few bucks saved in the sale section.