Vampy Looks


Well isn’t this a little Vampy… What can I say, Halloween is upon us, and I for one am a happy camper. I LOVE Halloween. It is hands down my most favorite holiday. Until February rolls around, and you’ll find me harping on all things Valentine’s day.

So good.

But today this look was something that turned out to be a little more Vampira than I had anticipated, and I am not made about it. On top of it all, this look pairs my favorite silk slip dress with something see through and fun. The flimsy blouse, paired with a not much more sturdier dress, makes for a soft feminine look, while the all black makes it stand out in a very startling way.

I was not expecting it to seem so black when I paired it all together, but here we are. The shoes give it a little edge and some shine also. The patent leather, along with the gold hardware, makes it a little more grounded and edgy, which I love, and also gives me those Halloween vibes.

While this is not a costume by any measure, it is a fun little nod to the holiday upon us and goes to show that anything Fall can be had any time of the year. Especially when the pieces are soft and feminine, but still edgy since it’s all black.

Playing up textures is easy when it’s all hidden under a black canvas. It allows you to think about what might look good, but not commit out right if you want to take things slow with mixing it up.

And if you’re pairing two of your favorite pieces to begin with, it makes life all the more simpler.