Vintage Vibes


If I watched Save By The Bell, I would probably try to make some haphazard comparison about this look, and that show, and how I’m that girl Topanaga…? Was she even on that show?

Clearly, I’ve never watched it, so I’m not going to do that even though you might have all though I would…

Or not.

But any who, if I did care about anything in the 90s, I would probably say that this look is something inspired by that era. To be honest, when the 90s trend hit like three years ago, I was not on board. I didn’t partially like the awkward pairings of plaid, with dark brown lipstick, and super thin pencil eyebrows sketched on… not a look.

But take away all of the terrible, and you’re left with some nice shift dresses, baby tees and over-sized denim jackets, which is super cute. Glass half full, right? So I guess here is my ode to 90s fashion, in a very obtuse sort of way. That’s what popular consumerism will do to a girl’s wardrobe. You might abhor a trend, but sooner or later it sneaks in, and before you know it you have a look form the 90s and you’re waxing poetic on slip dresses! Crazy!

I mean, the jacket is actual vintage from the 80s, so that’s close enough? Right? Let’s all pretend.

But really, there is nothing better than a look that is at least a little inspired by decades past, and also donning an actual relic from decades past? Well that’s called great Vintage.