Yellow and Blue


How serendipitous to find yellow umbrellas on a hot summer afternoon? There is nothing quite like it.

It’s almost like finding a little pocket of joy in an unexpected place. Much like this dress. I love a poplin style ensemble that almost looks like an apron, but can be worn outside the kitchen, with the added detail of stripes (not shocking to anyone, I know) but it still it remains as a wonderful go-to during the hot summer months.

A simple dress with some details like stripes and ruffles is the perfect thing to give you some inspiration during the thick of it in the summer heat. I feel near the end of summer is when all ideas are as dried up as the dust swirling beneath our feet. It’s hot and sweaty and exhausting. Waking up each day to get out the door is a labor of a sweat induced chaos. who can even think of layering (typing the word makes me shudder) or pairing anything other than shorts and a tank top when you have something like the sun to contend with?

This is why finding pieces that do all the heavy lifting for you makes it simple and keeps you stylish. A dress like this in white still would have been a great option because the tie in the back is unexpected and the ruffle in the front give the dress dimension. A simple tee and short, while amazing and definitely a fave, can make one feel less inspired and only turns that dial up on the heat factor, and how it may not be going away any time soon.

Finding pieces that think for you, so all you have to concern yourself with is tying a pretty handkerchief on your darling little head, is what the home stretch of summer is all about.