Latex Legging


Is it latex? Is it PVC? Is it Vinyl?

My obsession lives on, and not a moment too soon. You can read all about my legging/pant obsession here, but let’s get into the skinny of this post.

This is pretty much your basic over-sized sweater dress/legging pairing EXCEPT for the fun textured pant that I am very into. However, let’s talk details. One to be exact. The plaid shoes that have been lurking in many posts before and probably will still lurk after this post.

The plaid trend is something I again was not so into. Wow, am I just not having it or what? However, that aside I notice how these Balenciaga shoes are having a moment for some reason and I was just like… “Why?” This shoe comparison is even more odd considering those shoes are in a houndstooth pattern and not tartan. So what’s a girl to do? Obviously step into her local Zara and try out the plaid trend of course.

It all makes sense in the end I’m sure because it let me try something unexpected on the most forgiving place of all: your feet. Your feet are probably the last place people look, except for me. I actually look there the first because you can basically read who a person is by their foot wear. I kid you not. SO what do these shoes say about me and about you, dear reader? That’s a secret I’ll never tell Muahahahah.

*Ahem,* moving along, so maybe it’s not the last place people look, but it did inspire me to try a trend I didn’t love in a very subtle way. Which I found to be fun and gave my shoes a bit of a refresh. While I may not love everything that comes down he runway, nor will I give things as much slack and try every trend, these shoes, along with my cylce shorts, turned out to be a win I have been very pleased with.

And on top of it, I’m receiving all the compliments! Must be the bow.