Pop of Yellow


Can I even call this post “Pop of yellow?” I just didn’t want to play off the brick walls and black and white stripes because that seems a little too obvious to me. Let’s dissect this further.

So the stripes, paired with a PVC pant, and plaid shoes is what I love to call a fashion cocktail of fun. Lightly salted rim please. I mean, who would have thought about a shiny pant/legging situation? Not I. Let me take you back.

I actually had a friend in High school who loved pleather leggings. She felt it added something to her outfits, made them fun, more dimensional. She wasn’t wrong, but I was too naive to give them the full and proper attention they deserved because well… pleather cracks. And when it cracks, it’s sad and painful and leaves little crumbs of disappointment everywhere you go. So I was like “No Thanks,” and kept it moving.

Fast forward again to some light Instagram stalking, and I found these pants on a favorite blogger of mine paired with fuzzy sweatshirts, over-sized white tees, blazers and really… everything, and I thought “STOP, NO WAY SO COOL AND DIFFERENT.” Oh how we change, so I made it a point to find a pair myself and have some fun, and let me tell you, I will be wearing these to death this season.

I will wear them until the’re overstretched and peeling as well. Until all the wheels have fallen off, so to speak, and I will have a grand ole’ time doing so. The only thing about my new PVC love affair is all the squeaking! So much noise, but it’s okay, the stereo is always turned to loud anyways.

So here’s to my new favorite autumnal find, and also hopefully to your new obsession as well.