A Nice Burgundy


It is no secret I love a sweater dress, however, I have come to find I have NO sweater dresses.

Nada, like, none.

It is a very depressing revelation when you find your self gunning for your legs to be free of tight denim, and something more forgiving like spandex paired with a nice oversized cozy garment. Well, since I did’t have any, I took to Zara late one night and perused their site (which is 50% off right now) and set out on a goal to find a sweater dress. Well, I got away with maybe one oversized sweater I could get away with calling a dress, and really just wait length sweaters that I will have to pair my high waisted skinny jeans with. Goal not achieved. Blah. And I bought also, wait for it, a slip dress. Because even in the dead of winter I am dreaming of sipping mimosas in the hot sunshine with a silky slip dress. This winter thing is not my friend this year.

So take to shopping some oversized sweaters below, and hopefully you can achieve what I failed to: which was self control.