Now, this can easily go into some basic post about basics and how they’re good for the soul.

Which is true, and on the surface this is what it looks like, but I am not going to wax poetic about a $1,400 dollar purse that will change your life and your styling game in a way to make this purchase more relatable and not so ridiculous. I’m going to instead direct your attention to the nude sweater and tell you, once more, how much I love the camel hue. Everyone loves a neutral, it’s what make us human. While I’m writing this, I’m thinking about how I wanted to add more shimmer into my life. Maybe the glittering purse handle can make up for that? Well, that, and also I have so much glitter on my eyelids it’s INSANE, but my broken camera lens can’t pick up that minute detail, so you will have to believe me.

Anyways, running around in something easy fun and accessible is what I aim to do, and having fun while doing it is an added bonus to otherwise mundane things that life throws at you. So if you love a hue wear it till the color makes you dizzy. Soon the sun will be out and I’ll be able to sit on a beach somewhere and take 82398293 pictures of the four white frocks that look the same but are totally different, and I have a feeling this will be something you’ll be doing too. So, see you there?

Does this make sense?

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