V-Neck Checked


Well fancy seeing another sweater dress on this blog.

Okay, I feel like everyone feels something about a V-neck. It is the most controversial of all the necklines (or is it the scoop?) regardless, it’s controversial with my sister and I guess that’s the only opinion I have in this random little research experiment I have just now conducted. Very scientific, I know.

But any who, a sweater dress really is a saving grace in climate that is chilly in the early mornings and evenings, but warmer during the middle of the day. Also, it’s like a no-brainer and totally comfy for when you are up before the sun trying to glue yourself together from the night before. I also love that it’s a v-neck because it gives me some room to BREATHE, girlfriend.

Winter is all about being bundled and I am OVER IT. So over it. Let my ankles be free, let my arms feel the sun, let my hair blow in the wind as I drive down the highway in my convertible. I want to feel the heat again, and while this little pocket of sunshine is nice, it won’t last, so that is why I turn to my oversized v-neck sweaters. They give me some wiggle room and let me have a scarf that is optional. As in, it can be removed and I can pretend it’s 90 degrees outside even though it’s just 60 and sunny. And yes, 60 degrees is cold.

Any who, this is going a bit off topic here. Shop fun v-necks below to give your neck a break and breathe.