I feel very sparkly and happy in the sun, which finally revealed itself after hiding for a week in favor of rain. Which here, in California, is basically unheard of. Four consistent days of rain, what a concept. It has really been a blessing though because it allowed me to catch up on the important things in life. I caught up on all my real housewives, my books and of course my online shopping baskets.

The second New Year hit it’s like everything went on sale. There I am hitting up Zara (hello 50%) online and then the next day, I go in store to buy more. I felt like I was addicted, and not in a cute way, but regardless I look very cute in this fun embellished sweater along with my obnoxious sunnies. I love these sunnies, but I find I have a hard time wearing them because I feel like they are so in everyone’s face. I love them because they are the accessory I can wear for function and fashion. They block out the sun, but the the lenses aren’t totally opaque to where I am rude and not making proper eye contact with you during a very serious life changing conversation, you know?

However, since they are so sparkly, I feel like it takes away my credibility to which, I say, when did fashion become someone else’s game and not your own? Just because you want to wear sparkly sunnies, or all black, or a silk dress in the winter time, why is someone else’s opinion your problem? This may be really random, but it was something I was thinking about this week.

We all have different interests and different hobbies, and invest in different ways, and the best thing about fashion is that it’s a fleeting medium. So I say wear the sequins in the day time and buy an embellished sweater while you’re at it.

Life is too short for boring.