Set, Match


I know it’s past Halloween, but does this tree not look a little Sleepy Hollow. Also, this black ensemble is just making it all the more ~SpoOkY~ Well, like a sophisticated spooky.

This seems to be the buzzword of the week.

When I found this sweater set, let me tell you, we were meant to be. Are you ever perusing online, find something that makes your heart flutter, your blood rush and hair stand on end? That feeling of finally finding something you have been looking for, yet you didn’t even know it, but the fashion companies you shop with just know you so much better than yourself, that you feel understood by finding this one piece? Just me?

Any who, this was the feeling I had. And since I don’t like to make emotionally charged decisions, I put it in my basket and slept on it, fully knowing it would be there in the morning and my emotional state would most likely not change. Go to purchase it the next day and SOLD OUT. GONE. NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN (so I thought).

My heart broke.

I hit that “notify me” button for when it came back in stock so fast, and about a hundred times. They had a cream one that I initially had my eye on, because hello 90s housewife Malibu realness, but when the black came in stock first, I took no chances. I hit buy like nobody’s business. I think it turned out better for it. When I opened that beautiful package, it was a bit more see through than I thought, but since it’s black you can’t tell, and it is from their beach line, which i speculated. Will this stop me from buying the cream one, no. But now that I sent at least a hundred notify me’s I can wait a little longer and do it all over again.

What can I say, I love a rush.