Daytime Elegance


Is the name of this post a little too ambitious? Perhaps. But that is how I feel in this beautiful frock that I also found for 15 dollars whilst perusing Zara late one night.

When I bought this dress I was wary at first. You’re probably looking at it and thinking.. why? It’s a pretty typical slip cut, and slip dresses are usually cut in even numbers that are more or less predictable in sizing. While this is true, the seam under the bust made me take a second look. I hate bust seams or any sort of darting around the bust. The beauty of a slip dress is that it’s a simple pattern, made to flatter most every body type, no darting necessary. Dear fashion companies, do not make a simple slip dress fancy, it is low-key by nature, and that is what makes it perfect for a little sophistication during the day.

While this seam worked out (because it’s Zara, duh) it also had a high and low feel that I did not recognize in the pictures. This made the dress so much more exciting and also very different from my other slip dresses. It makes me feel elegant and put together and also is a material heavy enough to brave these “cold” California winters.

Also, do I even need to say they’re versatility is never ending? Find your new best friend below.