Fuzzy and Warm


Well Valentine’s Day is right around the corner ( as in tomorrow) and there is nothing more fun to do than dress up in pieces that are fun and funky and definitely not of the norm.

While Valentine’s Day may have a lot of talk around it about what it should look like and how one should feel, I think that there is nothing better than to recognize it for what it is: which is a day all about love.

A day about loving your significant other, yourself, your friends or family. It’s also a great pick-me up to have a holiday that is right in the middle of winter. During a time where there seems to be no trace of life or color around.

Honestly, there is nothing better than going into a store after trekking in the gray and colorless streets of any town, city or neighborhood and seeing a rush of bright pinks and deep reds just begging for your attention. How can one be upset for long while looking at a beautiful array of happy hearts and chocolate kisses adoring each and every corner, all just reminding you to love! There is no better time for a reminder that winter will soon be over and spring will come once more, but until then, hold the ones you love close and wait out the storm.

And do so in all the fun frocks.