A Spot of Sun


Ahhh a moment of sun is found during these trying times of winter.

It is truly crazy how much rain California is getting, and I’m sure those who are living in states that experience actual weather are rolling their eyes, but I must say this California girl is getting tired of the misty sprinkling we call “rain” and having everyone duck for cover at the sight of it. It’s not even proper rain, and when there is a proper downfall it lasts for about ten seconds, approximately, so no one can really enjoy it.

Any who, I found a spot of sun the other day and had to share. Also, with this yellow wall and blue ensemble, I was feeling a bit of a spring in my step, I must say, which reminded me that soon spring will come. While Spring won’t bring with it crazy hot temperatures, it will still bring the promise of heat, and that heat will soon begin to melt away the coldness of winter.

Alas, we are very far away from that, so for now I will soak up any sun spots I find.