Sequins and Stripes


Again with the spooky trees.

I must say, everything is either dying or dead around here. What can you do.

And normally I would like to try and find something colorful, but when I found this sparkly sequin top at Zara for $12, I thought sticking to my resolution of glitter and sequin was far more important, even if it is silver and black. When I bought the tank top, I realized though that I probably wouldn’t be able to wear it for a while, given that it’s raining, but we don’t need to hear me harp on about the weather once more.

So I decided to do what any practical female with too many clothes does: layer. So here we have a whisper thin, in no way will keep me warm, cashmere sweater under a cute sparkly, in no way will keep me warm, sequin tank top. Together, they keep my torso nice and warm. Paired with a coat, it’s the perfect outfit to ferry me between building and car.

Also, the pattern is super fun, and this top fits like a glove. Ugh to find a tank top, made out of sequins, that fits just right is unreal. So hopefully I will wear it still. I have learned about myself that when it comes to loving a piece, I rarely wear it for fear of ruining it, which is absurd! Clothing is made out of already decomposing materials. So when people say, “ohhh it’s such great quality, it will last me forever,” that’s actually a lie. Clothing, in all forms, are made to disintegrate. It is a material that can only withstand so much, which is a weird thought.

Whatever, I’ll tackle one problem before solving another.