Polka Dot


Excuse my extremely pale extremities, but here we are.

Pretending it’s spring amidst all this rain and pockets of sunshine, that I so bravely walk out in mini dresses in. I must say, even if the weather shows no signs of stopping, styling a fun color or pattern does give me hope that there is sunshine out there just waiting on the horizon.

A pattern also doesn’t have to be something tricky to pair, we saw a few blog posts ago, the tweed number I was bopping around in (which is still a favorite), and now we have a fun polka dot number, with an open back no less. When I got this I was very excited that it looked just as cute in person as it did on the site. I am not one for ruching near the derriere, I know the consensus is that it makes your curves curvier, but I ifnd it to be a bit aggressive and distracting. However, my sister commented on it and said it was fun, and she hates most everything I wear, so maybe there is something to be said for butt ruching?

Also, the minute I got this I thought of the prefect spring fête to wear this to: a bridal shower! Right? During spring when the sun is starting to warm up the earth, and your surrounded by gal pals new and old and you want to look nice, but not too over the top, it’s perfect for something like that. And polka dots make it whimsical, no?