Sailor Inspired


Have I met a sailor?

I can’t say for sure.

Do I still think this is sailor inspired?

For sure.

Now I tend to find myself wearing the colors red, white and blue very often. My whole family does really. It’s like subconsciously we’re drawn to these colors, or they just match really well? So when I pulled this together I thought, “Ahh, definitely going to look patriotic,” which is what I normally think. However, what I really thought was: take me out to sea because today I am a sailor.

It could be the folded over collar of the top, and the fact that the stripes add to a nautical vibe, but in an effort to try patterns and colors in an ever gloomy storm, I thought I’d pair these two together and sure enough, some sort of magic happened. I love when an outfit is put together so effortlessly, it proves that all the random pieces you buy can actually work together and play nice.

I fall prey to buying one off pieces that are so fun and interesting but are a nightmare to pair. You know the one dress that can only be worn with this slip so it isn’t see through, which can then only be styled with those shoes because the colors match, but not those pants because they hit at an awkward length, and I don’t have another dress that exact length to balance out the shoes and it just goes on really.

I find most things high waisted works for me, add a stripe, and that’s basically a safe neutral outfit match made in haven. And it fulfills pattern quota. Wasn’t that easy?