Satin Shimmers


Have I worn something like this before, probably yea, but it’s okay because that shows this is tried and true.

I love a great slip dress, it’s no secret, but with the winter weather showing no sign of stopping, pulling my beloved pieces can be tricky. While I am unable to show you all that this dress can do (yes there are drawstrings involved) I still wanted to wear it in some fashion. The satin is super soft! Which is nuts because, no offense to In the Style (which this piece is again part of Lorna’s fabulous collection), I find that more price conscious pieces that have a satin type fabric involved are on the more scratchy side. which is not a slight to the retailer’s choice of fabric, satin is polyester as it is the poor man’s silk (let’s be real) so in general it’s hard to find a nice satin.

However, this piece did not leave my skin feeling like sandpaper, and made me want to cozy up even more with a favorite oversized sweater. The sweater can obviously be tied at the waist to give me a shape, or draped down to lend a hand to a cozier vibe that’s still a little polished. I also love how the satin fabric plays nicely against the textile of the woven sweater. This dress has a cowl neckline which is something I shy away from as it is not the most flattering, but honestly, it’s great for winter to layer, and come summer it’ll be fun to sashay around in any beach patio I happen to find myself seated at. The fabric is gorgeous, feels luxurious and the color is oh so flattering, even for a ghost like me.

I mean, who doesn’t feel sophisticated in something that shimmers?