Tweed Jacket


I love this jacket! It’s comfortable, cute, stylish and still a neutral.

When I first got this jacket I was obviously very excited because it’s from the In The Style x Lorna Luxe collab, but when I really got this in my precious hands I realized, tweed is not the funnest to style. I know tweed is a neutral pattern, as demonstrated by Chanel (a moment of silence for the legend that is Karl Lagerfeld, may he live in our hearts forever RIP) but once you really are first hand experiencing the pattern, all of that knowledge flies out the window.

I tried to pair it with something other than a turtleneck, and while I am wearing a turtleneck and some simple light-wash denim with this jacket, I found that you really can wear anything underneath. At first I thought my sequin sweaters clashed with the woven blue of the tweed pattern, but if the jacket is closed, you can’t really tell what ‘s underneath. So when you walk in people are loving the jacket, and when you take it off, still a really fun piece lies beneath. Also, this work great with a simple white tee or a bias cut slip dress. The peplum silhouette gives the pieces some dimension, which in turn give you a flattering shape even if what you wear underneath is low-key.

It’s the perfect stated, yet understated, tweed piece. Shop fun coats to add to your wardrobe below to remind yourself that winter can still be fun.