Spring Greens


It is finally spring, so this calls for some transitional knits.

While I have been filling up my shopping cart with all things summer, the clouds still hover overhead so I have been styling some of my thinner knits to help keep me warm while still being breathable during those randomly hot afternoons. Also, can we just take a minute for this skirt. This is something I will be styling and wearing a lot in this coming season, which is fun since styling a skirt can be a bit tricky. Honestly, the way I look at it is like a pair of pants. For the most part if the skirt is a neutral color, which in this case it is, it’ll pair like most of my high waisted jeans would. I can throw on a button dow, tie up a t-shirt or wear a flowy blouse. The body hugging knit acts like a catch all base, so pairing something that flows on top is a nice balance. Also, when in doubt, cinching it all together with a belt makes everything right again. Focusing on this skirt though, I love that it’s a beautiful cream color, which is very new beginnings, no? Adding a light hue to a spring capsule wardrobe is always a delight after pulling gray and blacks all winter. I also love that it’s body hugging while being modest in length.

This can be an errands look, an office look or a night out with the girls moment. Also, I am OVER pants. Like done, girl, bye.

I have noticed that I did not love pants as much as I used to. I mean, pants are wonderful and I will never turn my back completely on them, but a skirt is nice for when you just want your legs to be free, and after a winter of bundling up my legs in everything from tights to over the knee boots, I’m done.

So let’s be free together, shop some fun winter to spring pieces below.