Safari Shirt Dress


Am I going on a safari? No

Does this shirtdress scream safari chic to me? Yes

Would I actually take this with me on a Safari? No

Let me break it down.

I love dresses like this. I always have. The buttons make it French; the cotton makes it Mediterranean, and the white is fresh. However, while I do love that this was a steal, it is not made of the breathable fabric by way of linen or cotton like I would like to lead you and myself to believe. It is just a basic polyester wannabe, that’s cute, but is not exactly up to the level I would like to be at.

However, it does look presentable, so I guess all is fair in the name of love and fast fashion. Oddly, fast fashion is something I’ve been thinking about. And no, it was not prompted by this dress alone. I love Zara, but I wouldn’t consider it fast fashion. However, for a few months I was cheating on Zara with In the Style for the Lorna Luxe launch, and while I loved her pieces, and more of them were hits than misses. It made me realize that clothes are basically compost-able. That expensive bag will fall apart just as fast as this polyester dress. Both are plastic and both are made of materials that are not made to sustain for more than a few years.

This post has nothing to do with the dress thus far, but as we can see it’s a fun easy summer dress that you can throw on and head out the door. You don’t have to worry about ruining it, because it was a steal and it make you look put together and fulfills the fantasy of what you would look like walking by the Mediterranean, when you’re really just at a strip mall on a hot day.

It’s cheaper than a plane ticket and just as precious as a handbag, for a fraction of the coast and free of the stress.

Shop summer shirt dresses below and let your dreams whisk you away.