Vintage Vantage


And so the animal print lives on.

Is this animal print?

When I purchased this unique piece from the lovely Audrey Leighton Vintage, I was so excited. Like, OMG, thrilled. I have been stalking her Vintage e-commerce store front for awhile, but time zones being what they are, and her curated collections being so good, I just never found myself in the right place at the right time to purchase a specially sourced piece.

Now I love the thrill of fashion. I love buying something you’ve spent time and money thinking about. I love living out the fantasies you bought that shirts, dress, hat especially for. I love the feeling of an exquisite silk scarf bought on sale for a steep discount, and the feeling of satisfaction that comes from an overhaul at Zara. However, I do not love the panicky paranoid feeling of needing to hit add to cart on items that are bound to sell out faster than you can hit refresh.

I can’t do it.

I bring on already too much unnecessary drama and anxiety into my own life, I don’t need something that justifies that anxiety. Especially something that brings me joy.

All of this to say, one morning as I was leisurely having my orange juice, I was pursuing the shop’s Instagram and found a “swipe up” link on this top I’m wearing in their story. Fully preparing myself for the reality that it would probably be sold out I swiped up to look at the collection (because the store is beautiful to look at) and I found that it. Was. AVAIABLE!

OMG, I could not hit check out fast enough. Now does this action contradict that long unnecessary blurb you just sat through. No, because the shop had been open since 10 am Barcelona time, so that means everything had already been bought, and these are the “leftovers.” AS if you can call this beautiful piece a lost item.


I love that it’s oversized, has a hint of a shoulder pad, is a print but a neutral, can be tied up, belted up, tucked in, and rolled up. Perfect for vacay, Malibu, airplanes, basically everywhere my summer is taking me, all while feeling breezy and giving off the vibe of, “yes, I totally just threw this on, what about it?” Whilst leaving everyone stunned that this gem of a piece is just lying there. In my closet!

Or I could be totally delusional and it’s a basically a button down that’s more grandma than rocker? But I’ll let you be the judge of that.