Neutral Print


Well hello to this blouse again.  I’ll save you the long story of its origin and break it down for you instead.

As we know, I love animal print, and I love this blouse. So why do I love synthetic button-down animal printed blouses so much? It’s because it’s effortless without the hassle. An animal print is basically a swirl of neutrals, as I’ve waxed poetic on before, but it really is an easy piece to throw over anything. Also, much like this button down, the oversized quality makes it versatile. I like to take my pieces on the larger side. I feel clothes that fit you make you look slimmer, and you can manipulate the garment more. A larger shirt can turn into a dress, an oversized un-buttoned button down can turn into a swim suit cover up.

Now I’m not one for buying things bigger to feel skinnier. If that works for you? Full speed ahead, but I love a baggy garment worn comfortably. Do I sometimes look a lo bigger than I am due to the boxiness of a garment? Absolutely, but c’est las vie.

Any who, I love that this shirt paired with a skirt just as beautifully as with a jean, and it can take something structured and make it a bit more relaxed while still looking polished. That long run-on sentence is basically the alchemy I try to incorporate in any ensemble. Who doesn’t love looking put together while feeling relaxed?

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