A Touch of Tiger


When I tell you I have been obsessed with animal print lately, I joke not. The last four shipments that have been DHL’d to my house have an animal print of some kind. Just wait until this weather warms up and you’ll find me rolling in the sandy coves of Malibu wrapped up in the prettiest smokey blue velvet leopard dress you ever did see.

Anyways, since I compulsively purchased this top one night in a binge spin of try on hauls a la YouTube, I have worn this consistently each weekend unapologetically. It also gives off Luke Hemming vibes, which is like another style icon I am coming to love and learn about.

The short and the skinny of it is if it’s a London boy who wears funky button downs with one button too many un-buttoned (whew), it’s a style icon for me.

Not only does a pattern like this this edge up a jean, it also plays very well with some leather.

Honestly, throw a fishnet in there and prepare for a night of bad decisions, or a lost weekend filled with great ones. I love this pattern so much I’m thinking of carpeting my closet floor with the print. Ha. Thinking? It’s already decided.

What I also found about animal print is that it doesn’t have to be scary. An animal print can really mean a mix of neutral colors. Which, if you think, leopard and tiger are just blacks and browns swirled together in a pattern. You probably pair brown and blacks all day long, so add a print in those hues and pair with a black base and your good to go. This outfit is basically that with a texture thrown in, which would be the leather.

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