Blushes of Satin


Spring is here! This is old news, what isn’t old news is the SUN! After what feels like a loooong winter, which is embarrassing because I didn’t shovel one inch of snow, the sun peeking out from behind the thick layer of clouds coating the Californian skies is more than a dream come true.

While I love my gloomy, rainy days, I must say I am excited to see the flowers bloom and hear the birds chirp. I am even feeling inspired by the longer days. So much so that I’ve started a garden. What? But yes, I have started a garden. I so excitedly planted basil, sage, rosemary and rhubarb, along with many others, only to happily plant them so the bugs could happily eat them. At least someone benefited from my basil?

Moving on, this blush dress has been seen on here once before, but I was so inspired by the sun and by the still cooler mornings I decided to give this another go. Will this dress ever be worn on its own? The world may never know. Any who the soft blush pink paired with a  cream sweater is a Spring like dream. The hotter weather this day I posed next to this pink door, which it was only 75 (what?), made it the perfect running around frock. I love me a great slip dress, and one with some shine? Yes, please.

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