Blazer Noir


Blazers are having a moment.

I feel everywhere I look someone is pairing a black blazer with something. Whether that be a jean, a skirt, a spring dress (too far?) it’s there and it’s hovering so I jumped on board because I love a structured/ un-structured moment.

One of my style icons is Harry Styles, and he is basically unstructured chic at its finest. I love the London cosmopolitan way his stylist dresses him, all unbuttoned flowing tops and patterned blazers with a   touch of glitter, I mean…what. Total ICON.

So in lieu of loving Harry, I find myself more draw to London Town by way of inspiration. This means I naturally follow London bloggers, and as I have mentioned the name of Lorna Luxe before, it’s no surprise that my first black blazer came from her collection.

While I have loved the pieces in her collection thus far, I must say, this blazer left me wanting more. The material was a bit light and it felt and sounded like a costume you buy at your local Halloween store. However, I can’t complain because it was a steal of a deal and now I can wear it to my heart’s content and not worry about ruining some overpriced blazer, because I am the person that gets paranoid about things like that.

Also, it has some nifty shoulder pads which really helps to give it the structure it is desperately lacking from the material. When paired with something flimsy like a silk dress, the blazer makes an outfit look constructed and un-structured all at the same time.

You can also take this daytime, night time, mid-day, early morning dog walk, really anywhere. The key to styling a blazer is to treat it like you would an over coat you would wear with anything, don’t think much about, and know can play nice with whatever you have in your closet.

Just throw it on and trust it’ll be there for you like your best friend, and really, that’s the magic.