A Precious Print


Hello print! Can I say, I am loving this pattern and I have always loved this pattern.

I love it on a dish, on a tile, in a bathroom, in the pool and now in my closet! It is the most darling pattern and I want it to be incorporated in each outfit I wear or the rest of my life (preferably) but I’ll take it for a season if I can get it. I love the European flair it gives the look. It’s like the palace of Versailles with a dash of Amalfi coast.

So adorable.

While I have this pattern in a dress, there are so many more shapes and pieces to shop here. I can only hope and pray that the rest of the fashion world jumps on this porcelain print so I can enjoy it in more ways than just a fancy dress and crop top. And while I don’t wear crop tops, I have bitten the bullet and ordered some. Unfortunately, I found them to just be terribly unflattering. So, while the pattern may hook you, beware of unflattering fits. Truth be told, the fit outweighed the pattern *sob* so back it went.

However, there are so many cute pieces to style and try. I have also seen some floral pieces popping up here and there. For spring, I suppose it’s not that unexpected, but this year I am finally paying attention to pattern and participating.

Shop patterns below to give your wardrobe a new spirit.