Best Textile for Spring


Linen pieces are slowly but surely taking center stage in my wardrobe. How can they not, the weather is begging to warm up, but still sprinkling May showers here and there to keep us on our toes and our flowers in bloom. Also, I hear that linen helps with hot and cold weather patterns. Allegedly, it keeps you cool when it becomes warmer, and keeps you warm when it becomes colder. I guess that theory is valid, but I’ve never paid attention. So, I suppose one could say in my oblivious state the theory proved to be true.

Who knows, but it does make me want to try some linen bedsheets. Then we’ll really know if it has this whole air conditioning/heating software downloaded into its fibers.

All this to say, I felt breezy and cheery in this all linen ensemble, and yes, the pieces are meant to not match. While an all-white outfit is a look, I want something a little bit off kilter to cut the look and make me not feel paranoid if I find myself too close to something that stains. Also, this top has a “cami undershirt” woven in. I say “undershirt” because it’s only sewn to the front. There is not a back to the “cami” so it makes it quite interesting for undergarment purposes, but extremely welcoming for summer heat purposes. Like, how innovative. It’s a layer without the feeling of being layer. Quite inspired.

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