Shady Looks


Subconsciously, I am trying to make it a goal to not wear jeans and push the boundaries with my wardrobe. Recently, I have been having conversations about style and fashion and what it really means. It’s almost like the “eye is in the beauty of the beholder” type of conversations. What I think is fashionable or stylish, someone may think is Avant Garde and gaudy. Or what someone thinks is time well spent on an outfit, I think they spent no time at all thinking about what they threw together. Isn’t that interesting, or is this just insular?

I feel very innovative with this outfit. I feel the ruffled sleeves distract you from the fact that this is just another Bardot top paired with some trousers that could be in the neighborhood of “fashion cargo” pant. The color palette is light and fresh and reminiscent of summers spent in the Middle East or Greece. Even if the spring showers threaten to ruin my dreams of a sun sweltering day, I can still feel a little hopeful with a blue and white stripe and some cream pants. The pants are also both stretchy and breathable. That’s basically heaven sent come the summer days of 100+ degrees, but is questionable during the reality of 60 and below temps.

Regardless, I think the details of the pant and blouse give this look dimension and makes me feel more stylish than I may seem. Given that the total thought of this wardrobe was less than two seconds. Sometimes you see a vison, and when it strikes, you need to pounce.

So pounce on the items below and let your imagination run wild.