Wrapped With a Bow


And here we are.

The final piece.

The marriage of my favorite thing with my not so favorite thing.

This is a story of how my elaborate blouse met with my bright pink patterned mini skirt.

I have been mentioning how pairing a neutral with a skirt is a method to dip your toes into the world of “out-side-your-comfort-zone” fashion, but I decided to take it up a notch and pair my new organza blouse from Zara with the skirt, since the pink matches so perfectly. So, this was practically a neutral if you look at it that way.

Let’s break it down.

The blouse itself is a standout piece, and the skirt is also a unique piece, yet they don’t fight for attention because of their commonality: hot pink. It’s the basic vein that threads the two pieces together and unites them in one fashionable front. This is what I want my outfits to be all about. While I always try to get the blazer, relaxed button down, severely skinny toothpick jeans in order for my everyday outfit, I love when the fashion fairies come together and wave their magical wand to bring forth fun and whimsy.

Fashion to me, throwing it back to that existential question, means fun. A true stylist can take something “daunting,” like this pink organza top perhaps, and make it work. They can tame the top and style it 20+ different ways, and it’s a hit each time. They aren’t hindered by sparkle or pattern, but are able to conceptualize how it will add a touch of something extra, and something just right, to an ensemble that was missing it the whole time. It also isn’t Avantgarde for the sake of being noteworthy. While I love an all feather moment, the garment just sometimes is too fashion for the sake of fashion, and that makes it a bit too try-hard.

So while I am not calling myself a maven of taming even the wildest pieces amongst us, I felt proud and excited that my mind worked in this new way it never would have before if I didn’t just try to pair the skirt the first time with a neutral piece. Since I had been working my mind in a new way, a whole bevy of possibilities opened up, and I found I had more pieces in my closet that worked well with this skirt in unexpected ways I had not considered before. I also was proud that I didn’t cop out with the blouse and pair it lazily with some jeans. While I might do that in another post, I am happy to have waited and to give the top the moment it deserved.

With the skirt it deserved.