Easy Breezy


Does this pattern look familiar? I feel very much like the fairies in Sleeping Beauty deciding which color I like better in this print. Am I biased to blue or pink? I can’t decide, but fortunately there are different garments with the same pattern, offered in two different colors, well three technically, but don’t get me started on the nude, which I think (unsurprisingly) may be my favorite color of them all?

Any who, a skirt can seem daunting to wear since it’s a separate that can be rather uncomfortable and tricky. And on top of it, this skirt has a pattern in bright pink, so what could one possibly pair with it? Well the solution I use to tackle anything that seems daunting is: find a neutral.

This doesn’t just mean color.

A skirt, for me, is the hardest thing to work with because of so may factors. There’s the length, where it hits on your waist, and basically just how it dominates the whole outfit, yet it sits on your hips. And the hips/tummy area isn’t always a place I want to highlight. So how does one begin? Well I was perusing one blogger’s stories and I found that she was wearing a beautiful ornate skirt with a button up white blouse.

That’s it.

She took something that seemed to be overwhelming (the skirt) and pared it down (the white button-up blouse). It took that white button-down up a notch and made the skirt stand out, but not in an overpowering way. It didn’t feel like the skirt was wearing her, even though it really could if not done correctly.

So, I took to my closet and decided to pair the skirt with something I was comfortable with, because the skirt itself I was not. I paired it with one of my “neutrals.” The white tee or, in this case, white lace bodysuit. It’s a neutral in color (white), neutral in pattern (a little lace), and neutral in comfortability (I would wear it with jeans) and voila: the skirt is styled.

 I want to introduce more pieces into my every day that normally wouldn’t. I am much more comfortable in an over the top blouse and jeans than a tricky to style skirt and tee, but fashion is all about stepping outside your comfort zone and working your brain in a different way. This allows you to look at that button-down blouse that you associate with boring board room meetings and cooler chats with a night out on the town.

All you need is a fun skirt and little imagination.