Paper-bag Shorts


This outfit is very French riviera to me. So much so that I posed with the only boat mural I seem to know of to sell the half-baked dream that I’m near a pier and not in a fancy strip mall. The heat, my friends, has finally arrived, in all its full baked splendor.

Which means wearing sleeves was a travesty, but since the fabric was cotton, it made it far more bearable. Also, these shorts. WOW. Do they breathe. And isn’t that all we’re looking for? Gone are the days of jort wedgies, and hello shorts that are high waisted with a bow for definition and a fabric that moves with you.

It’s the little luxuries.

While I may incessantly talk about weather on this blog, as this is the sun which my wardrobe revolves around, something I notice I have been also lamenting on are textiles. What to wear and how to pair it. Your fabric of choice greatly determines the level of comfort you will be experiencing. While a great jumper may be excellent in cut, length and pattern, if it’s made of polyester…? BUH-BYE. The likeliness that you’ll be styling it for the warm months you look forward to donning it for are little to none.

However, take same said jumpsuit and turn it on its head to a sweet linen or even cotton number and you have yourself a staple piece you’ll be pulling every time you need to just look put together with no brain power involved. We all know, conserving energy of any kind amidst a heat wave that threatens to suck every, last drop from you while you are in the act of sitting is necessary to keep in the forefront of your frontal lobes.

So, while this outfit was covered more than I initially thought long term about when putting together this French inspired moment together, whenever a breeze hit that current went right through the garment and cooled me off instantly, and I was reminded about the power of a great fabric.

After all, that is the magic of a great textile.