A Case For Graphic Tees


Feeling funky. Feeling fresh.

OMG me and my sister did a MAJOR haul to the goodwill, and amidst all this pulling and pushing of pieces long ago adored and recently forgotten, we found this gem of a shirt lurking just below the surface. Well, I was reminded of this piece, my sister knew all to well about its presence in the realm of the living.

Alas, the shirt shrunk in the wash resulting in a beloved piece lying untouched but admired in a museum of wishful thinking. Thoughts passing along like haunted dreams of what could have been only to be struck down by the harsh reality of what is. Perhaps this is too ominous.

Let’s break it down.

I have been wanting to take out my silky dress circa last winter out again for a romp, but with a slit up to there and fabric that wrinkles in a snap, I just haven’t found a great excuse to fuss with it…until this green (now baby) tee waltzed out of her closet and into mine.

I could not let this piece go. I love the cartoon, the color, it’s shrunken nature. The cotton fabric element makes it breathable and easy, and it’s a great layering piece over or under given its thinner nature. So, when I took to this piece over my silky slip dress it was, in my opinion, a fun display of color reminiscent of Spring and an ode to the color that will come. I am over black, and I have been for a while, so I am more than excited to welcome a color loving piece into my life that plays nicely with jeans as well and a silk slip.

Also, now that I think about, even pairing it under a slip dress will give the basic piece some life (duh). And a little colorful cartoon poking out never hurt anybody. It makes it summertime appropriate for office to happy hour festivities. Perhaps? Or maybe a more brunch vibe is your style in the realm of cartoon riddled shirts.

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