Easy Breezy


There is nothing complicated abut this look. In fact, there is nothing ever complicated about plain white tees, so prepare to see a lot of this shirt buzzing around these posts.

I have always loved a great tee, and even more a great plain white version. The opportunities of styling and pairing are endless. A plain white tee can be paired with shorts and jeans just as easily with a flouncy flirty skirt. The white tee serves as a great base, not shocking that love a good base, and a white tee is exactly that. Also, paired with this fluffy cardigan, it’s as good as the whip cream on top of a gloriously creamy vanilla sundae.

While the whites may not be matching perfectly, the comfort and joy that this outfit brings me leads me to not care about the difference between eggshell or porcelain hues. When I’m running around on a weekend, I want my outfit to be comfortable but put together. A high waisted jean keeps everything in, and the elastic woven throughout the denim blend moves with me instead of against me.

I know it’s normally discouraged to purchase stretchy jeans, but truly that is a secret to a great pair. You find a jean with a lot of elastic blended throughout, take it down a size, and let that pair grow with you. While over time they can become too stretched out to bounce back, the journey there is well worth the trip, and then they do become those jeans you throw them on to garden or take the dog out for a walk. Voila, a great pair of throw around jeans’ manifests with no added price tag. This outfit will take on many different identities, but today it is the weekend work wear look that it’s representing.

It’s the white tee that can go the distance, paired with the jeans that will befriend it along the way.