Casual Summer Days


Wow, another white tee. I told you I would be loving this shirt. We all remember these shorts, and how I was lamenting on the heat. Well the heat broke, and it is sufficiently back to June gloom proper weather here in California. Which means we can almost wear shorts and no sleeves, but not quite. Well, I suppose we can in the afternoons, but come morning and evening a sweater is in great demand.

Any who, this outfit is very Hamptons to me. I think the shorts alone read Hamptons or Montauk for the sole fact that they are white and navy-blue striped seersucker. Like, if those are my only requirements, so be it. While I may not be on a far-flung island of New York, I can still don the breathable pieces that the locals and weekend warriors live by during the hotter months and pretend it’s hot and not breezy cool.

Also, in an offbeat path, I was very inspired by Palm Beach, which is adjacent to New York living, since I think all New Yorkers have some hand in the Palm Beach game… but maybe I’m mislead by the Real Housewives of New York? I digress. When I read a book over the weekend titled Palm Beach Wife (and it is exactly how it sounds, a lot of complaining about nothing) I was excited once again by the hotter weather and the summer months to come. So, I suppose something was enjoyed when reading the book. But ultimately, it inspired me to pare it down a bit and be grateful about the little. It stretched me to look at my wardrobe and think about the pieces that stand the test of time, and relish the fact that they will be loved and enjoyed over and over again.

Because that, in and of itself, is a lot.