Feel Good Looks


Another outfit I feel myself in. This is outfit is the amalgamation of my favorite pieces ever created by man, all paired into one simple outfit that does nothing to turn the head to make a person stop in wonder. It is the most basic pairing, a styled tale as old as time, made up of the best pieces that will never forsake you. Never make you feel less than, are always there to fill your cup when it runneth empty…is this getting existential?

And this outfit is made of the basic principles:

A blazer.

A boyfriend jean.

And a white tee.

Three tried and true pieces that will always be there in your time of need, that will always play nice and keep you looking put together when all is falling apart. They aren’t fussy pieces, they don’t fight or vie for attention, one over the other. You can leave a meeting feeling confident enough to see girlfriends for a cocktail after. They breathe, they’re easy and basically this is just one big soppy sappy love story to pieces I endlessly pair over and over again on this little corner of the forgotten internet. In all seriousness though, there is nothing I love more than a great boyfriend/blazer combo.

Also, spiked at the end with a golden stiletto is the point to my exclamation mark. The final touch that adds a strong foundation, punctuating my confidence down to the last metatarsal. There is something magical that happens when a convergence of great, unsuspecting pieces come together.

Perhaps it’s a testament to the quiet corners of life, the little pockets of unexpected joy that add a pep in our step when the cards are down the last cookie crumbles…

Or perhaps they are just great pieces that are staples for a reason.

I’ll let you decide.