Coat of One Color


This tunic, kimono, coat (?) photographed beautifully if I do say so myself, and the fact that it matches my bag in hue was very unexpected but overly appreciated.

This duster was hand sewn by Christian Bedouins in Israel, so one of a kind it is. I recently voyaged to Israel and my oh my was it a beautiful retreat. One that unfortunately cannot be translated by mere words and pictures, but a trip that recalibrated my Spirit in new and profound ways, and all I have to show for it are a few trinkets, but mainly a renewed attitude.

Now, on to the coat of one color.

This was difficult for me to style, I mean this outfit is pretty basic, but I wanted to make the coat the focal point as it is beautiful ad deserves all the attention it can get. I mean, it pretty much demands it, but the coat is the perfect spring touch.

The material itself is cotton so it breathes fantastically and the print is keeping up with my love of etoile at the moment, so it parlays very nicely into my Spring wardrobe story. When intruding a piece that is a bit more difficult to pair, keeping everything grounded around it is the key. As if we didn’t learn that previously, but still it is important to note as this is my own personal mantra. And, so far, it hasn’t led me astray.

While I contend with this thought of style and fashion, something I have come to terms with is this: in every great closet, a basic and perfect understanding of staple pieces is essential for growth. You are only as good as your foundation, so while I want the feathers and flowers, I need to respect, understand and invest in the simple pieces that make them shine.

Shop the finishing pieces below to give your staples a fun friend.