Very Versailles


I literally feel like a child of Versailles in this dress. Like, if I was Marie Antoinette’s kid, I would be playing the garden in this dress. Well, at least I feel this way.

This dress made me realize how important a babydoll is, which is basically the antithesis of the body-hugging dress I wore previously, but let’s disregard that shall we. This dress is perfect for garden parties, baby or bridal showers, a BBQ, really anything that takes place outdoors with a breeze.

I also love the pattern; the French pattern makes it feel unique and very cultured. Can an item of clothing even be cultured? I feel like I have a little bit of Paris with me in this dress, even though it was designed in London and manufactured in China, but I digress. Fashion is global isn’t it?

A babydoll is also great for days when you are feeling a little bit more boated and not cute. But what is cute is the color and pattern. So even though you want your whole body to be engulfed in the coziest of blankets, a pattered babydoll shift dress will have to do because, unfortunately, you must face reality.

And who would want to do it anything less sweet?