Low Rise


Let’s talk Low Rise. Now, I personally have never really LOVED anything low rise. I mean, who wants the added hassle of worrying about how low your pants are dipping when you could have so much more fun downing that extra cocktail or dissecting your friend’s boyfriend’s last text without wondering “is something not quite right with my pants?”

While these pants in no way started out as low rise , they have soon become such since denim is prone to maybe stretching out a bit? Or maybe that’s exclusive to just these pants? I have truly never noticed before I put these on one day and thought: “These are low ridin’.” So I thought to myself, why not do what I do best: Tuck it in!

Whenever in doubt two rules I live by are to tuck it in or roll it up. Whether it’s a shirt that is too small or pants that don’t quite hit the ankle comfortably. Whether it’s a skirt that needs some shape with the added benefit of a tucked in blouse, or you just want to feel a bit more put together, rolling up and tucking in are the two things I do that make a WORLD of difference.

So for this look, I loved it because, let’s be honest, my favorite thing to talk about are button-down blouses since they leave you feeling fresh and polished. It can also be styled in a bit of a more deconstructed ensemble * ahem * low rise denim, without sacrificing it’s function. Also, with the breezy days of fall blowing into town, something that breathes a little, but still keeps you slightly cozy amidst a chill in the air is more than a welcome addition to my fall closet.

And if it makes you look somewhat put together? Even better.



Thin Sweaters


Here we go with another sweater! This one is actually a vintage piece I found on a little site called Nanin.

I can NOT believe I am sharing it with you, but you do come here for secrets hidden all over the globe, no? This little site has amazing vintage, like unbelievable. I have ordered a few vintage pieces from their site, and while they mysteriously do not come with any tags, they are perfect pieces nonetheless. There is hardly any wear or tear on the items, and they run fairly average. That's not to say they run too small or too large, they literally run average. Like on their site it's not uncommon to find a pice that is sized S-L yet fits perfectly. It's like magic. I mean, I still do wish that they had the dimensions on the item, but that can all be cleared up with a quick email.

Only down side is that these pieces go fast. It's like one moment your sipping you tea at 7 am thinking, "I'll come back to this," literally come to find at 11 am all your precious pieces are snatched up. No joke. Ahh the thrill of the chase. Anywho, this outfit is pretty simple, and paired with a light vintage sweater that is versatile in so many more ways than just one, it has me easing into fall with my favorite summer staples.

Also, the plus side of a thin sweater is that it can be thrown on over anything. So say there's one last beach hurrah in your future, throw it over anything and it keeps you cool amongst the last few seas breezes that soon turn into the crisp fall breezes to come.

Who knew a sweater could be so poetic?




Lovely in Lavender







Well hello sweater. I thought I would put some sweaters on the blog, since we are in September and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are already probably taking up your feed (is it too soon?).

Anywho, here we go again with a jean skirt. I feel like I have been pairing this non-stop. Normally when it comes to skirts I am more than lost. it seems they bunch up, or can't stay put. You're constantly tugging and pawing at them through the day, and who has time for that? The day is already exhausting, your clothes shouldn't be. So in comes this cutie I have been storing away for quite some time. I like the idea of a denim skirt (I mean, who doesn't) because it really is a great fabric for fall and summer. It transitions easily, and the A-line silhouette means it's flattering. So maybe I've had one two many pumpkin scones, this little number isn't keeping any tabs.

It's all about finding a skirt that works with your curves and pairing it with something a little more forgiving up top. I love a balanced look that plays with proportions. While the sweater isn't by any means "loose" it shows that I can pair a thicker textured fabric with my skirt, making it the best for those transitional days. Maybe adding an oversized turtleneck with some colorful tights and converse could also be what the doctor ordered. Maybe I'm not so terrible at pairing skirts after all.

Tagged along with a colorful sweater, it gets me excited for fall and ready to unwind and rest. Also, color is something I want to take with me as we get closer to the shorter days and colder months. Why leave lavenders and yellows to summer and spring?

I want them all the time, and why not?






If I was going “back to school” I’d maybe wear this. It’s a nod to fall, hello collared button up, but it’s definitely reminiscent of summer with a literal summer dress in a sherbet hue. To me August is still VERY much summer, and for a society who loves to drone on and on about the heat and humidity August brings, it’s very surprising that we’re already downloading fall looks, and shoving hot drinks in our hands. Like…

No. Thank. You.

I feel it took summer forever to arrive, and I am not going to let it go so easily. Maybe by the time the Pumpkin Spice Latte arrives, I’ll reconsider, but for now I’m going to repurpose my summer wardrobe into “passable” fall ensembles, and you’re just going so bear with me.

I mean, I am excited about my fall edit list, which will be coming soon, and I am ready to stock up and ship out pieces in my wardrobe, but, at the end of the day, to have a wardrobe that holds pieces that can pass for every season is really the goal.

Because we all know fall fashion is just a fancy way of saying: Layering.




Sherbert Hues


I have recently found a love for silk blouses. It’s a love that I believe has always been lurking, and while this is not the first time it has dawned on me that a simple button-down can be re-worked in a multitude of ways, it still makes it all the more enjoyable when I change up my perspective. You can wear it tucked in, tucked out, tied up, opened up…the possibilities are endless. While this may be a silk blouse, and I am not keen to tie up silk, it is still an idea that is there if I wish to change up the look.

There is something so easy about a button down, especially during the summer. I know I have waxed poetic on this before, but there is something simple yet sophisticated about a blouse with buttons. I especially love the color of this blouse,. This light sherbet color adds a pop to my wardrobe, but isn’t begging for attention at the same time. Pairing it with a jean skirt makes for something, that could be serious, fun. This blouse is actually an Equipment piece, and I’ve heard so much about Equipment, but I am not about to pay $200 for a button-down top that’s made from viscose. However, I found this beauty lurking on a dressing room return rack in a fun little thrift shop in DC! I was so excited to find it, and I must say, I am eating my words a little… Maybe it’s the stitching? Maybe it’s because this is 100% silk? I don’t know, but for finding it in a thrift store I’d say it’s definitely worth its discounted price.

Also, how fun that it was in DC? I felt like they would have great “work wear” pieces, being as it is an industrious city. I love that demographics can play a huge part in what little thrift shops carry, it really gives insight to what the city and the people that live there are like. Is this really profound information…mmmm maybe? Either way I love this top, love this skirt, and love that I can run around the city in a sherbet hue.



Viva La Linen


Does this look count as office apropos?

I must say, I feel very serious in this look, if only for the fact that the whites match and it’s a semi-serious pencil skirt if you turn the other way and avoid the slit creeping up mid-thigh. The buttons make up for it, right?

Once again, this is me avoiding fall, and maybe embracing the heat (this is an all linen look after all) with this very summer ensemble. Also, how perfect does this bag match. It gives me all the vintage feels, and maybe something I should be wearing in Greece. Greece… my head is always spinning back to Greece. I have talked myself in and out at least three time this week to moving to Europe so I can be a vagabond and just travel the rest of my days. If I lived in Europe, I’d probably own a shack on the beach side of Santorini, that I would have built myself, all for the love of island living. So random! But this outfit took me there.

I mean, at least I’d be taken seriously if I was wearing this outfit, right? Regardless, viva la linen pieces, until this weather notifies me otherwise, summer is here to stay for a while.



Tied with a Bow


Well here is another see through top.

Do I dare? 

Well yes, I just took it there. As evidenced above.

That aside, it is a see-through top, but really, with all the stuff going on, it's just a super fancy pussy-bow/pearl/ruffle cocktail of who the hell knows. Am I right. When I found this blouse on shein, I was excited. I had always wanted a top like this (sensing a theme) and I thought why the hell not. So I threw it in my basket, checked-out, and never looked back. Until this moment.

It is super cute, and I love the detailing and how easy it can make an outfit look put together, but not serious, also for $12 I am willing to take my chances in a blouse like this. Most of the time when I see a piece that has more going on, I shy away from the investment because it's favorite accessory is a hefty price tag. I have seen variations of this top in my past lives, but $200 is something I can't justify, so here comes Shein!

At first I took Shein to be a site that might put on a great show an entice you with great prices, but deliver poorly. However, I am happy to report that it performs just as well as you would hope it to. Things may have been small in some areas, but the site gives you measurements that are accurate, and they also let you play with pieces that may have been dancing in your head to try. So when you're ready to pull the trigger, you can go forward with confidence knowing that it's something you want, and also knowing that you have items in your closet that already play nice with the piece your heart desires.

While I love this top, and love that I can style it with denim just the same as with a leather skirt, it's probably not something I'll be looking to make more purchases of in the future. The pussy bow and pearls took me off guard, but it taught me something new about myself. That my tastes are ever evolving, and that is not a terrible thing.

Especially when it only cost me $12. Ahhh, the magic of fashion.



Polka-Dot Top


Well hello polka dots, and hello mesh...see-through...transparent...(?) blouse.

I love a nice sheer moment. I think they play tricks with the eyes and make people stop and take a second glance, and I'm all about the second glance. I also have always loved a see through blouse, but have never really dwelled on the subject of purchasing one, and then figuring out how to wear it, and also the feeling of insecurities that come with a top that people can LITERALLY SEE THROUGH.

Like, I had an issue with a white dress and now here I am waxing poetic on loving a top that has no lining and shares all my secrets, who am I? A woman who is panicking for what to wear and style next because hell-o, fall is here. Or almost here? Who can tell. With days that are still more than a little toasty, yet mornings and evenings that leave a film of dew on my car and beg for a sweater, it's that in between. It's that step before fall, just after summer.

It is now transparent, we are in layering season!

Oh, how I love the sartorial look of a great outfit layered, but so rarely do I enjoy the idea of piling on clothes just to shed them through out the day. Am I snake? That's a more loaded question than I realize (so lets' not answer it) and let's stick to see through tops and an open door policy...

Shall we?




Burst of Yellow


Is there anything that brings you as much happiness and joy as this blouse? Maybe, maybe not, but I will say there is nothing that make ME happier.

This is a beautiful little seersucker number that I scooped up last minute in Australia. While I was there, their summer was coming to a close, which means discount on summer items. However, travelling back to the states, summer was just starting, so this is was a steal that could not be missed. I also love seersucker anything, and I know I’ve talked on and on about linen and the like, but seersucker is that fabric I always forget about, but fall immediately in love with upon meeting. It’s probably because seersucker are in shops like Vineyard and Vines, and while I love a preppy looks, it’s just too much. Prepsters don’t have the market cornered on Seersucker. Fashion gods hear my plea and bring it to the masses!

It’s breezy, light, easy, all the things, and in a hue as bright and jovial as yellow, it makes  it all the more sweeter. Also, hello to this denim skirt. I know denim miniskirts have come and gone, but there’s nothing more comfortable than a worn in denim number with a breezy blouse. This outfit is proof that that recipe never fails. Also, how fun is this basket bag. We all know how I love my basket bags, and this one is big enough to carry a book and hold my phone all in one. Another win.

This outfit is checking all the boxes, in the most unexpected ways.