Colors of Fall


Can you say “Autumn?”

This look has all the beautiful golden colors of Fall, including some gorgeous pumpkins, and it was all by accident!

So imagine, you’re scrolling through your favorite fashion site (or really any fashion site) you put a bunch of stuff in your bag and hit check out.

that beautiful package of clothing comes to your door and you find that they’re all some sort of Fall hue. You have your burnt pumpkin, your golden yellows and deep cranberries. This is exactly what happened to me when I purchased these two pieces, totally NOT thinking about how this would all come to be. I found it to be very exciting and quite the welcome color palette to my wardrobe. considering I had been lacking in all those colors.

I mean, when I say I love Fall, it is clearly no joke. Subconsciously I am pulling Autumnal hues, all without trying! And this top is fun, not only in color, but also in functionality. While I normally don’t go for a crop top, the color and open back was something I couldn’t pass up, and is also something wonderful for the transitional season of Fall. When it’s crisp enough to have a sweater, but too hot to commit to one, this sweater comes in handy.

Which makes me think, while wearing something with an open back might be a bit unnerving at first, it really does make for a fun and unexpected look. I never really think abut open back pieces until they arrive and then I’m like, “Wow, my back is out there in the world.”

Enough rambling, buy a piece and try one for yourself. Who knows, it could change your life.



Patterns and Colors


Well helllooo beautiful golden sweater.

I must say, I have been loving the Fall weather lately, and it’s about time that the weather has turned. It even rained recently, which something both unexpected but much welcomed. What can I say about this look, it’s fun and easy and pairs two things I want to incorporate more into my wardrobe: color and pattern.

I feel that color and pattern can be two very daunting things, but if added subtly, it can soon overcome your wardrobe in a very quiet and much welcomed way. This skirt is something I have been loving lately. I love that it’s a simple slip, it goes with most anything, and the color of the pattern is easy to pair. It’s a neutral that doesn’t distract from the ensemble or the person wearing it, because Lord knows I have enough personality without the added help of a garment.

And this golden sweater is everything Fall, and maybe even Spring? If I play my cards right, I might be able to parlay this sweater for more than just one season.



Latex Legging


Is it latex? Is it PVC? Is it Vinyl?

My obsession lives on, and not a moment too soon. You can read all about my legging/pant obsession here, but let’s get into the skinny of this post.

This is pretty much your basic over-sized sweater dress/legging pairing EXCEPT for the fun textured pant that I am very into. However, let’s talk details. One to be exact. The plaid shoes that have been lurking in many posts before and probably will still lurk after this post.

The plaid trend is something I again was not so into. Wow, am I just not having it or what? However, that aside I notice how these Balenciaga shoes are having a moment for some reason and I was just like… “Why?” This shoe comparison is even more odd considering those shoes are in a houndstooth pattern and not tartan. So what’s a girl to do? Obviously step into her local Zara and try out the plaid trend of course.

It all makes sense in the end I’m sure because it let me try something unexpected on the most forgiving place of all: your feet. Your feet are probably the last place people look, except for me. I actually look there the first because you can basically read who a person is by their foot wear. I kid you not. SO what do these shoes say about me and about you, dear reader? That’s a secret I’ll never tell Muahahahah.

*Ahem,* moving along, so maybe it’s not the last place people look, but it did inspire me to try a trend I didn’t love in a very subtle way. Which I found to be fun and gave my shoes a bit of a refresh. While I may not love everything that comes down he runway, nor will I give things as much slack and try every trend, these shoes, along with my cylce shorts, turned out to be a win I have been very pleased with.

And on top of it, I’m receiving all the compliments! Must be the bow.



Pop of Yellow


Can I even call this post “Pop of yellow?” I just didn’t want to play off the brick walls and black and white stripes because that seems a little too obvious to me. Let’s dissect this further.

So the stripes, paired with a PVC pant, and plaid shoes is what I love to call a fashion cocktail of fun. Lightly salted rim please. I mean, who would have thought about a shiny pant/legging situation? Not I. Let me take you back.

I actually had a friend in High school who loved pleather leggings. She felt it added something to her outfits, made them fun, more dimensional. She wasn’t wrong, but I was too naive to give them the full and proper attention they deserved because well… pleather cracks. And when it cracks, it’s sad and painful and leaves little crumbs of disappointment everywhere you go. So I was like “No Thanks,” and kept it moving.

Fast forward again to some light Instagram stalking, and I found these pants on a favorite blogger of mine paired with fuzzy sweatshirts, over-sized white tees, blazers and really… everything, and I thought “STOP, NO WAY SO COOL AND DIFFERENT.” Oh how we change, so I made it a point to find a pair myself and have some fun, and let me tell you, I will be wearing these to death this season.

I will wear them until the’re overstretched and peeling as well. Until all the wheels have fallen off, so to speak, and I will have a grand ole’ time doing so. The only thing about my new PVC love affair is all the squeaking! So much noise, but it’s okay, the stereo is always turned to loud anyways.

So here’s to my new favorite autumnal find, and also hopefully to your new obsession as well.





Here we go again with the athleisure, but I won;t bore you about it like I did in this post. This is just another way you can pair something simple with something unexpected.

The billowy white top makes it very business in the front,p arty in the back, but hopefully this look is not as hideous as mullets were. Sorrrryy. Any who I feel very “Girl in the City” with this. Like, where’s my beeper? I also, love the woven bag and how i am trying desperately to hold onto it into the fall and winter season, but I just don’t think it’s gonna jive.

I mean, this made me really sit up and think. I had to take a good hard look at myself and my handbags. i have a lot of handbags. Like A. Lot. So color me surprised when I go to pull something for fall and winter and find…only wicker pursers… how did that happen? Where is the handbag of fall?

This made me realize, I am on a mission. I will find the handbag of fall and winter to carry me into these gloomy months, while hopefully my handbag can bring a smile to my face. So strange the tings I think about, but that just means a handbag edit will be coming your way. Which is fun because then we can shop my stream if consciousness together.

And who doesn’t love a little retail therapy?



Outside Your Comfort Zone


Well hello biking shorts, didn’t think I’d see you around here. I honestly did not like this trend at all…What was it that we said about consumerism again? But honestly, no thank you ma’am. I am not an “athleisure ” person. That’s not even an actual word! That’s just a juxtaposed pairing of two different genres, paired together to make “lazy” a trend that’s passable.

You are lazy, and you are wearing sweats, and no you didn’t go to yoga, so don’t pawn it off as something that is socially acceptable.

Woo. Heated.

With that being said, don’t think that I missed Gweneth Paltrow’s Goopy take on the trend.

That aside, this came to be as all outfits come to be: stalking someone’s Instagram.

Lately, I have been inspired by an Influencer LornaLuxe, it has taken some time for me to mention her here on the blog, but I have been quietly obsessed with her and her take on all things fashion (natch), so this look is inspired by her. I enjoyed how she took something that in my head was reserved for a particular look, and turned it on its head. While the bottoms say cycling, the top says brunch, so in my head it’s the perfect unexpected pairing that’s fun and feminine in a way I didn’t think about.

That’s what I love about the bloggershpere. You can look at something online, see how the retailer paired, and book mark it in your head as “Oh well I guess there’s only on way to wear that,” never to really think about it again. When in reality there are so many ways to pair it. Just look at any fashion blogger’s page and instant inspiration awaits you on trends that may have been overlooked.

Along with that, these were $8! Such a steal, and that was how I reasoned with myself to try something different. It’s always good to step outside of your comfort zone, especially with your clothing. Your clothing is probably your security blanket, so to switch that up switches up your perspective in a subtle way. It’s like changing your hair, but not as permanent.

And all for eight bucks? Who can say no to a little change?



Vintage Vibes


If I watched Save By The Bell, I would probably try to make some haphazard comparison about this look, and that show, and how I’m that girl Topanaga…? Was she even on that show?

Clearly, I’ve never watched it, so I’m not going to do that even though you might have all though I would…

Or not.

But any who, if I did care about anything in the 90s, I would probably say that this look is something inspired by that era. To be honest, when the 90s trend hit like three years ago, I was not on board. I didn’t partially like the awkward pairings of plaid, with dark brown lipstick, and super thin pencil eyebrows sketched on… not a look.

But take away all of the terrible, and you’re left with some nice shift dresses, baby tees and over-sized denim jackets, which is super cute. Glass half full, right? So I guess here is my ode to 90s fashion, in a very obtuse sort of way. That’s what popular consumerism will do to a girl’s wardrobe. You might abhor a trend, but sooner or later it sneaks in, and before you know it you have a look form the 90s and you’re waxing poetic on slip dresses! Crazy!

I mean, the jacket is actual vintage from the 80s, so that’s close enough? Right? Let’s all pretend.

But really, there is nothing better than a look that is at least a little inspired by decades past, and also donning an actual relic from decades past? Well that’s called great Vintage.



Mini Skirts


Well hello leather mini skirt. It’s apparent that I am having a love affair with my mini skirts lately, and here you are, along for the ride.

What I’ve noticed about mini skirts, in particular leather, is that it can add a fun sort of texture and is easily paired with practically anything while the temperatures slowly decrease into something Arctic.

Wanna pair it with a sweater? Go ahead, your legs are free.

Wanna pair it with some tights? Why not! Throw on a cami with a cardi and you’re out the door.

Wanna transition it? Easy-peasy. Elevate it with some heels, or dress it down with some sneakers.

The possibilities are endless!

I also particularly love this flowy button down situation. I mean, we all know how I love a button down, so this makes this outfit fun and functional. It’s a great look to grab a green juice in the morning with, just as well as tackling cocktails at night. Add some jewels and maybe a stiletto, and you’re good to go!

Also, let’s talk about this top for a minute. It’s everything in my humble opinion. It’s white, it’s blue, it’s over-sized, it was on sale, but best of all, it’s an Extra Small! Does it look like an extra small? Hell no. But you better believe I was uber excited to pretend it was. And you better believe I was having too much fun pretending that I was actually a dainty human being that could fit into whisper thin sizes. Alas, it was probably just marked it wrong in the factory, but all to the benefit of me!

So that goes to show, there’s more to be had than just a few bucks saved in the sale section.



Low Rise


Let’s talk Low Rise. Now, I personally have never really LOVED anything low rise. I mean, who wants the added hassle of worrying about how low your pants are dipping when you could have so much more fun downing that extra cocktail or dissecting your friend’s boyfriend’s last text without wondering “is something not quite right with my pants?”

While these pants in no way started out as low rise , they have soon become such since denim is prone to maybe stretching out a bit? Or maybe that’s exclusive to just these pants? I have truly never noticed before I put these on one day and thought: “These are low ridin’.” So I thought to myself, why not do what I do best: Tuck it in!

Whenever in doubt two rules I live by are to tuck it in or roll it up. Whether it’s a shirt that is too small or pants that don’t quite hit the ankle comfortably. Whether it’s a skirt that needs some shape with the added benefit of a tucked in blouse, or you just want to feel a bit more put together, rolling up and tucking in are the two things I do that make a WORLD of difference.

So for this look, I loved it because, let’s be honest, my favorite thing to talk about are button-down blouses since they leave you feeling fresh and polished. It can also be styled in a bit of a more deconstructed ensemble * ahem * low rise denim, without sacrificing it’s function. Also, with the breezy days of fall blowing into town, something that breathes a little, but still keeps you slightly cozy amidst a chill in the air is more than a welcome addition to my fall closet.

And if it makes you look somewhat put together? Even better.



Thin Sweaters


Here we go with another sweater! This one is actually a vintage piece I found on a little site called Nanin.

I can NOT believe I am sharing it with you, but you do come here for secrets hidden all over the globe, no? This little site has amazing vintage, like unbelievable. I have ordered a few vintage pieces from their site, and while they mysteriously do not come with any tags, they are perfect pieces nonetheless. There is hardly any wear or tear on the items, and they run fairly average. That's not to say they run too small or too large, they literally run average. Like on their site it's not uncommon to find a pice that is sized S-L yet fits perfectly. It's like magic. I mean, I still do wish that they had the dimensions on the item, but that can all be cleared up with a quick email.

Only down side is that these pieces go fast. It's like one moment your sipping you tea at 7 am thinking, "I'll come back to this," literally come to find at 11 am all your precious pieces are snatched up. No joke. Ahh the thrill of the chase. Anywho, this outfit is pretty simple, and paired with a light vintage sweater that is versatile in so many more ways than just one, it has me easing into fall with my favorite summer staples.

Also, the plus side of a thin sweater is that it can be thrown on over anything. So say there's one last beach hurrah in your future, throw it over anything and it keeps you cool amongst the last few seas breezes that soon turn into the crisp fall breezes to come.

Who knew a sweater could be so poetic?