Sequins and Stripes


Again with the spooky trees.

I must say, everything is either dying or dead around here. What can you do.

And normally I would like to try and find something colorful, but when I found this sparkly sequin top at Zara for $12, I thought sticking to my resolution of glitter and sequin was far more important, even if it is silver and black. When I bought the tank top, I realized though that I probably wouldn’t be able to wear it for a while, given that it’s raining, but we don’t need to hear me harp on about the weather once more.

So I decided to do what any practical female with too many clothes does: layer. So here we have a whisper thin, in no way will keep me warm, cashmere sweater under a cute sparkly, in no way will keep me warm, sequin tank top. Together, they keep my torso nice and warm. Paired with a coat, it’s the perfect outfit to ferry me between building and car.

Also, the pattern is super fun, and this top fits like a glove. Ugh to find a tank top, made out of sequins, that fits just right is unreal. So hopefully I will wear it still. I have learned about myself that when it comes to loving a piece, I rarely wear it for fear of ruining it, which is absurd! Clothing is made out of already decomposing materials. So when people say, “ohhh it’s such great quality, it will last me forever,” that’s actually a lie. Clothing, in all forms, are made to disintegrate. It is a material that can only withstand so much, which is a weird thought.

Whatever, I’ll tackle one problem before solving another.



Fuzzy and Warm


Well Valentine’s Day is right around the corner ( as in tomorrow) and there is nothing more fun to do than dress up in pieces that are fun and funky and definitely not of the norm.

While Valentine’s Day may have a lot of talk around it about what it should look like and how one should feel, I think that there is nothing better than to recognize it for what it is: which is a day all about love.

A day about loving your significant other, yourself, your friends or family. It’s also a great pick-me up to have a holiday that is right in the middle of winter. During a time where there seems to be no trace of life or color around.

Honestly, there is nothing better than going into a store after trekking in the gray and colorless streets of any town, city or neighborhood and seeing a rush of bright pinks and deep reds just begging for your attention. How can one be upset for long while looking at a beautiful array of happy hearts and chocolate kisses adoring each and every corner, all just reminding you to love! There is no better time for a reminder that winter will soon be over and spring will come once more, but until then, hold the ones you love close and wait out the storm.

And do so in all the fun frocks.



Set, Match


I know it’s past Halloween, but does this tree not look a little Sleepy Hollow. Also, this black ensemble is just making it all the more ~SpoOkY~ Well, like a sophisticated spooky.

This seems to be the buzzword of the week.

When I found this sweater set, let me tell you, we were meant to be. Are you ever perusing online, find something that makes your heart flutter, your blood rush and hair stand on end? That feeling of finally finding something you have been looking for, yet you didn’t even know it, but the fashion companies you shop with just know you so much better than yourself, that you feel understood by finding this one piece? Just me?

Any who, this was the feeling I had. And since I don’t like to make emotionally charged decisions, I put it in my basket and slept on it, fully knowing it would be there in the morning and my emotional state would most likely not change. Go to purchase it the next day and SOLD OUT. GONE. NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN (so I thought).

My heart broke.

I hit that “notify me” button for when it came back in stock so fast, and about a hundred times. They had a cream one that I initially had my eye on, because hello 90s housewife Malibu realness, but when the black came in stock first, I took no chances. I hit buy like nobody’s business. I think it turned out better for it. When I opened that beautiful package, it was a bit more see through than I thought, but since it’s black you can’t tell, and it is from their beach line, which i speculated. Will this stop me from buying the cream one, no. But now that I sent at least a hundred notify me’s I can wait a little longer and do it all over again.

What can I say, I love a rush.



Daytime Elegance


Is the name of this post a little too ambitious? Perhaps. But that is how I feel in this beautiful frock that I also found for 15 dollars whilst perusing Zara late one night.

When I bought this dress I was wary at first. You’re probably looking at it and thinking.. why? It’s a pretty typical slip cut, and slip dresses are usually cut in even numbers that are more or less predictable in sizing. While this is true, the seam under the bust made me take a second look. I hate bust seams or any sort of darting around the bust. The beauty of a slip dress is that it’s a simple pattern, made to flatter most every body type, no darting necessary. Dear fashion companies, do not make a simple slip dress fancy, it is low-key by nature, and that is what makes it perfect for a little sophistication during the day.

While this seam worked out (because it’s Zara, duh) it also had a high and low feel that I did not recognize in the pictures. This made the dress so much more exciting and also very different from my other slip dresses. It makes me feel elegant and put together and also is a material heavy enough to brave these “cold” California winters.

Also, do I even need to say they’re versatility is never ending? Find your new best friend below.





I feel very sparkly and happy in the sun, which finally revealed itself after hiding for a week in favor of rain. Which here, in California, is basically unheard of. Four consistent days of rain, what a concept. It has really been a blessing though because it allowed me to catch up on the important things in life. I caught up on all my real housewives, my books and of course my online shopping baskets.

The second New Year hit it’s like everything went on sale. There I am hitting up Zara (hello 50%) online and then the next day, I go in store to buy more. I felt like I was addicted, and not in a cute way, but regardless I look very cute in this fun embellished sweater along with my obnoxious sunnies. I love these sunnies, but I find I have a hard time wearing them because I feel like they are so in everyone’s face. I love them because they are the accessory I can wear for function and fashion. They block out the sun, but the the lenses aren’t totally opaque to where I am rude and not making proper eye contact with you during a very serious life changing conversation, you know?

However, since they are so sparkly, I feel like it takes away my credibility to which, I say, when did fashion become someone else’s game and not your own? Just because you want to wear sparkly sunnies, or all black, or a silk dress in the winter time, why is someone else’s opinion your problem? This may be really random, but it was something I was thinking about this week.

We all have different interests and different hobbies, and invest in different ways, and the best thing about fashion is that it’s a fleeting medium. So I say wear the sequins in the day time and buy an embellished sweater while you’re at it.

Life is too short for boring.



V-Neck Checked


Well fancy seeing another sweater dress on this blog.

Okay, I feel like everyone feels something about a V-neck. It is the most controversial of all the necklines (or is it the scoop?) regardless, it’s controversial with my sister and I guess that’s the only opinion I have in this random little research experiment I have just now conducted. Very scientific, I know.

But any who, a sweater dress really is a saving grace in climate that is chilly in the early mornings and evenings, but warmer during the middle of the day. Also, it’s like a no-brainer and totally comfy for when you are up before the sun trying to glue yourself together from the night before. I also love that it’s a v-neck because it gives me some room to BREATHE, girlfriend.

Winter is all about being bundled and I am OVER IT. So over it. Let my ankles be free, let my arms feel the sun, let my hair blow in the wind as I drive down the highway in my convertible. I want to feel the heat again, and while this little pocket of sunshine is nice, it won’t last, so that is why I turn to my oversized v-neck sweaters. They give me some wiggle room and let me have a scarf that is optional. As in, it can be removed and I can pretend it’s 90 degrees outside even though it’s just 60 and sunny. And yes, 60 degrees is cold.

Any who, this is going a bit off topic here. Shop fun v-necks below to give your neck a break and breathe.



A Nice Burgundy


It is no secret I love a sweater dress, however, I have come to find I have NO sweater dresses.

Nada, like, none.

It is a very depressing revelation when you find your self gunning for your legs to be free of tight denim, and something more forgiving like spandex paired with a nice oversized cozy garment. Well, since I did’t have any, I took to Zara late one night and perused their site (which is 50% off right now) and set out on a goal to find a sweater dress. Well, I got away with maybe one oversized sweater I could get away with calling a dress, and really just wait length sweaters that I will have to pair my high waisted skinny jeans with. Goal not achieved. Blah. And I bought also, wait for it, a slip dress. Because even in the dead of winter I am dreaming of sipping mimosas in the hot sunshine with a silky slip dress. This winter thing is not my friend this year.

So take to shopping some oversized sweaters below, and hopefully you can achieve what I failed to: which was self control.





Now, this can easily go into some basic post about basics and how they’re good for the soul.

Which is true, and on the surface this is what it looks like, but I am not going to wax poetic about a $1,400 dollar purse that will change your life and your styling game in a way to make this purchase more relatable and not so ridiculous. I’m going to instead direct your attention to the nude sweater and tell you, once more, how much I love the camel hue. Everyone loves a neutral, it’s what make us human. While I’m writing this, I’m thinking about how I wanted to add more shimmer into my life. Maybe the glittering purse handle can make up for that? Well, that, and also I have so much glitter on my eyelids it’s INSANE, but my broken camera lens can’t pick up that minute detail, so you will have to believe me.

Anyways, running around in something easy fun and accessible is what I aim to do, and having fun while doing it is an added bonus to otherwise mundane things that life throws at you. So if you love a hue wear it till the color makes you dizzy. Soon the sun will be out and I’ll be able to sit on a beach somewhere and take 82398293 pictures of the four white frocks that look the same but are totally different, and I have a feeling this will be something you’ll be doing too. So, see you there?

Does this make sense?

Shop below my obsession.



A Touch of Shine


Well now the Holidays have come and gone and here we are. In January.

Depending on your field, this month can look very different for many people. It can be the start of busy season, or maybe the kids are finally back in school and it’s the beginning of a more rhythmic season, or maybe it’s all the same and now it’s just January and the cold doesn’t seem so novel anymore. Whatever January symbolizes, something I’ve been thinking about is why must the glitter and fun and soirées stop on January 1st?

Life is one big party and should be celebrated, and to commemorate the fact that there are another 300+ days only on one night seems absurd. This is why I have taken to adding glitter to my make-up whenever I can and pulling out shiny pieces and making them more wearable. Take a lamé top, pared down with a blazer and some jeans, it goes from disco to casual real quick, and it’s still fun. It makes people smile and makes you smile in return. Finding ways to wear clothes that are interesting, but still also versatile is what I want to perfect. That way, when I make a purchase on a sequin shirt and wear it around, it’ll seem casual because I will always be doing something like that.

Then maybe more people will feel inspired and begin to do the same. Then it will look like everyone is going to one big fun fashion party. And what couldn be more exciting than that?